Denise Barlow, board member, Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation


“I have to pay it forward to somebody”

Paying it forward was the driving force behind Denise Barlow’s participation in a clinical trial after her breast cancer diagnosis 15 years ago, and behind her ongoing work as a patient advocate. Denise, a former military nurse, currently serves by helping to empower and educate other advocates as a board member for the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation .

“It’s just in my being to also want to help somebody else, to bring somebody else along,” she said in this interview at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, where she joined other advocates and colleagues as part of their ongoing efforts to become informed, educate others, advocate for patients, and ultimately to improve research for better patient care and outcomes.

Here, she shares her personal journey with diagnosis and advocacy, and explains how others can learn more through the educational programs available through the foundation and the SABCS, seek assistance through foundation programs, or become involved with advocacy.

‘I love being a breast cancer advocate, I love meeting the advocates who come [to SABCS] from all over the world, and I’m just really pleased to be a part of the Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation,” she said.